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gabriela torres

Hola Amigas!

My mission is to help businesses create legacy building brands and website that help them bring in the right communidad and help them grow.

I'm Gabriela!
gabriela torres, girasol design studio

Meet the founder!

Gabriela Torres, the spirited force behind Girasol Design Studio, is a multi-faceted powerhouse who excels as a talented designer, fierce advocate, mentor, and trailblazer for businesses eager to make an impact.

Her unwavering commitment to fostering growth and progress within minority and BIPOC communities shines through, reflecting her passion for uplifting those around her.

Gabby has a knack for helping others reach their goals and milestones! Talking to people, learning about their goals, and bringing creativity out of others makes her heart flutter!

A firm believer in the power of efficient systems and user-friendly frameworks, Gabriela helps her clients achieve business excellence and create a distinct, unforgettable brand identity.

Interestingly, design wasn't her initial calling; Gabriela originally planned to attend art school, but fate intervened, and she discovered the joy of using design as a conduit for helping others. Since then, her passion for design has illuminated her path.

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Become a member!

I created this network as a way for our community to connect and share their services, events, resources, etc. Growth is communal and I believe that having a direct source where we can all share our passion is key!

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