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Gen Z has Officially Changed the Game! (Marketing Update)

Social Media + Gen Z

Gen Z doesn’t care about your marketing funnel anymore, it’s all about INFLUENCE. Social Media has become THE space for them to learn, shop & socialize. So authenticity in marketing is crucial now, more than ever!

Growth Question: What can you do with your business to get more AUTHENTIC?

The Vibe

Bye Bye structured funnels. Gen Z wants to be inspired!

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No more “click bait”, over produced media, we want to be inspired to explore new things, new communities, and build loyalty through those communities and connections.

Authenticity in Branding

51% of Gen Z consumers believe that the Influencers create trends. So get in your ”influencer era”, girl! However! Don’t think a URL experience is not important because it still matters! Creating a strong client experience is more important than ever. It helps create brand loyalty, strong connections and networks, and of course community!

Put your plan into motion

How can you put all this into play? Creating an intentional strategy is key. Focusing on the following things (in my opinny) will take your brand to that level.

  1. Identifying your target audience.

  2. Creating a REASONABLE!!!! goal for your brand, whether thats social media or overall client experience (yeah I had to underline, bold, highlight because whilst our drams are big, we should be able to set boundaries with ourselves.)

  3. GET INTO ACTION! If you have taken that pen & pad out and brain dumped all day long & have yet to put your ideas into action, this is your sign.

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